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Thursday, April 10, 2014
As approved by both the L.O.O.M. and W.O.T.M. Board of Officers in compliance with Moose International Rules and General Laws, the Joint Installation of Officers will proceed as originally scheduled on April 19, 2014. Looking forward to seeing you all there!
Mike Rios – Administrator
April 10, 2014
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Administrator's Message
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From The Administrator
As you are reading this, we would’ve had our
Special Financial Presentation at our meeting on
March 18. If you were in attendance, you were given
the opportunity to learn of our financial assets as
well as our liabilities. Regretfully, our liabilities far
outweigh our income so we are forced to be very
creative in how we pay our bills. (This is no simple
task!) All that I ask is that if you have any concerns
or questions, just go to the source! I will continue to
make myself available to you and answer any questions that you may have. The meeting
minutes, communications and notices, financial
records are all available for viewing by all
members upon making an appointment with the
Administrator. Also, I am always open to
suggestion and constructive criticism. There is no
way that I can be absolute about every possible
aspect of our business/fraternity, and I am not
intimidated by those that have more knowledge. I
welcome and encourage any help that you can
lend to your lodge and the office of the
Administrator and I appreciate your continued
The only way that I can see our lodge growing is
to put aside our personal issues and concentrate
on working together. I have heard a few members
recently remark about the “division” in the lodge.
However, no one has come in the office (or has
approached the board) to discuss what they
perceive the “problem/s” to be or offer any
suggestion as to how to address the issues.
Instead, we get in our groups and complain,
spread the poison, and allow it to fester and
contaminate our fraternity. We all have people
that we like/dislike and that may never change.
But what CAN change is how we treat each other
and our ability to have respectful exchange of
We have been working on changing a few things
around the lodge in order to maintain/increase
interest and participation. Change is inevitable,
and by now we should have a relatively new
Board of Officers. A few of us will remain on the
board, and we welcome the skills and expertise
from the “new” officers. Rest assured that we
will continue to maintain professionalism while
we adhere to the rules and regulations established
by Moose International. Your suggestions to the
board are ALWAYS welcome.
I have been volunteering as your Social Quarters
Manager for several months due to our inability
to afford a paid Manager. I welcome any help
that you can offer. Once we begin to generate the
appropriate revenue from the proper source, we
will look into hiring a qualified professional that
will consider our compensation structure.
Once again, thank you for your continued
support and I look forward to great things
happening in our lodge… for everyone.
Mike Rios - Administrator
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