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Friday, August 1, 2014
Portsmouth Moose Family Center Now a Sponsor of the "Safe Surfin Foundation "
Special Presentation
Safe Surfin’ Foundation
Since 2008 the Moose have entered into a partnership
with the Safe Surfin' USA Foundation, a
Virginia-based organization which has been a
leader in attempts to keep the Internet a safe
place for children to explore. Your Portsmouth
Moose Lodge is now a proud sponsor of this organization.
Please join with us for a Special
Member Enrollment Night and Formal Presentation
at our Lodge, Tuesday, August 19th at 7pm.
The Portsmouth Moose Family Center will be
presenting the Safe Surfin' Foundation's "Cop in
a Box Program" to the Portsmouth Police Department.
Special guests from Moose, the Bedford
Sheriffs Office and the City of Portsmouth
Police Department will be here to receive the
computer and software for this Child Predator
Prevention Program.
All Moose members and guests are invited to
attend this Moose Enrollment and Special
Presentation! For more information on the
Safe Surfin' Foundation, go to
Rick Williams - Jr. Past Governor
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Administrator's Message
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From the Administrator
A Journey to any destination starts with the first step
and the first step of my journey as your new
Administrator of Moose Lodge 898 is getting to meet
so many of the members. Your warm and inviting
greetings have been amazing. I really appreciate all
the kind words and your offers to help me transition
into this exciting new position. As I meet more and
more of you, I’m sure we will find that the
opportunities to continue to grow Moose Lodge 898
will be endless.
I look forward to working with all the great
committees in their endeavors to meet their designed
goals in fundraising and philanthropy. The
committee chairmen and their members demonstrate
on a daily basis what volunteerism is at its best. I
also appreciate the many members who have shared
with me their ideas and vision for the future of
Moose Lodge 898. I’m confident that continued
growth of our membership will only add to the
source of even more creativity, more ideas and more
I would like to remind you that the success of Moose
Lodge 898 depends on all of us doing our part. Our
fraternal responsibilities are never ending. We must
continue to recruit new members and search for areas
in the Moose where we can volunteer. If you are not
already a committee member, find one that could
benefit from your skills or talents. If not a
committee, how about volunteering as a Bingo
worker? They can use your help. Most of all,
remember the Moose is here for you. Why not come
out to one of the many functions going on every
week and just have a good time.
Finally, I want to thank you again for such a warm
welcome and I look forward to the many steps that
we will take on this journey together.
Bob Knight - Administrator
Governor's Message
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Senior Regent's Message
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Recorder's Message
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