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Friday, August 1, 2014
Portsmouth Moose Family Center Now a Sponsor of the "Safe Surfin Foundation "
Special Presentation
Safe Surfin’ Foundation
Since 2008 the Moose have entered into a partnership
with the Safe Surfin' USA Foundation, a
Virginia-based organization which has been a
leader in attempts to keep the Internet a safe
place for children to explore. Your Portsmouth
Moose Lodge is now a proud sponsor of this organization.
Please join with us for a Special
Member Enrollment Night and Formal Presentation
at our Lodge, Tuesday, August 19th at 7pm.
The Portsmouth Moose Family Center will be
presenting the Safe Surfin' Foundation's "Cop in
a Box Program" to the Portsmouth Police Department.
Special guests from Moose, the Bedford
Sheriffs Office and the City of Portsmouth
Police Department will be here to receive the
computer and software for this Child Predator
Prevention Program.
All Moose members and guests are invited to
attend this Moose Enrollment and Special
Presentation! For more information on the
Safe Surfin' Foundation, go to
Rick Williams - Jr. Past Governor
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Administrator's Message
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Well it’s been about two months since I became your administrator. I can tell you it has presented many challenges but mostly very rewarding experiences. I’d like to thank all the brothers and co-workers for all of their support to help me get situated in the position. There are still plenty of members that I haven’t met and I look forward to meeting more and more of you.
I’d like to thank to the board for their confidence and positive comments.
I’d like to send out a few special thanks to Brother Rick Kennedy who installed the new vinyl floor in the annex lobby and re-tiled the foot step around the game room bar. Both jobs were fantastic. Also, Brothers ‘Buddy’ McCarter and Tom Tignor, for repairing all the lights in the bingo hall. I cannot forget to thank all the bingo workers for their continued dedication to Moose 898. As we go along with the many projects that need to be completed, I will be depending on more and more of you to help us complete these tasks. Together we can improve our Moose and make it ‘the place to be’.
The WOTM did a great job with the men’s game party on 9/14. I know it sounds redundant, but they are the glue that keeps us together. Thanks also to the men who came out to serve the buffet line.
As we go into the holiday season, spread the word around about all the functions that the lodge puts on for members, families and the community. Events like the kids Halloween party on 10/25, the lodge kids Christmas party on 12/14 and the charity Christmas party for the Salvation Army on 12/15. These events give you a good reason to talk about Moose and inviting people to become a member.
Bob Knight - Administrator
Governor's Message
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Senior Regent's Message
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Recorder's Message
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